Sachin Shah is a 21-year-old Graduate Diploma in Law Student and recent graduate in Environmental Science. After completion of his GDL and LPC, he aims to qualify as a solicitor specialising in the areas of Environmental and Energy Law.

He believes that through the implementation and proper enforcement of policy, as well as encouraging actions which alter people’s behaviour, that it is possible to mitigate the impacts of climate change, in order to ensure maximum sustainability for our population.

Sachin enjoys exploring different cultures and environments, which he was able to do when he visited Kerala in South India a few years ago. It was here that he had first-hand experience trekking through the rainforests, and had the opportunity to observe/interact with a unique eco-system along with learn about its different species. More recently, he made the decision to explore new opportunities by joining a group excursion to Mount Killamanjaro where he completed the trek to Gilman’s Point at 5685m.

Dartmoor Self Pic

Photo taken during an expedition on Dartmoor


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